Entertainment of the Summer


Summer is the time for faculty and students to finally enjoy time to themselves. It’s the time to go on vacation, spend time with family, hang out with friends and binge watch movies and shows.

“Every chance I had I was on Netflix,” Football Coach Brandon Denson said. “I watched like eight seasons of the Walking Dead and a bunch more Breaking Bad.”

There were many movies and shows that people watched this summer. Some that came out recently like Incredibles 2, Oceans 8, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. New movies weren’t the only ones, seen old movies were also given the time and day too.

“I watched Criminal minds, Friends and this documentary called I am a Killer,” senior Natalee Schmults said. “It’s about people going on death row. It was pretty cool.”

Everyone is introduced to a film or show somehow. They could be introduced by friends, family, and even the popularity surrounding the show. For senior, Regan Howard friends were the way to go.

“My friend Lily introduced me to American Horror Story and then my friend Brie showed me Fight Club,” Howard said.

Each person has a favorite genre of entertainment. Genres that range from suspense, comedy, action, to romance.

“Action, anything really I’m all over the place except for like love stories and stuff like that,” Denson said.

Some of the ways we get introduced to shows and films is by recommendations. Sometimes you love a movie so much that you must let others know. By recommending films and shows it can become a conversation and it could also be others future favorite.

“A good movie on top of my head is Dead Poet Society. It’s on Netflix and I recommend because I love it so much,” senior Marisela Canales said. “Love, Simon also because it’s a good movie for everyone to watch.”

In a way we can all kind of relate to some characters but there’s always the one we relate to most. Characters that can range from the protagonist, villain, or one of the side characters.

“Probably Phoebe from Friends because she’s kind of an airhead and I’m kind of an airhead. She says really funny things,” Schmults said.

There’s always one movie that has an impact on your life somehow. It could be a lesson that you learned like learning right from wrong or taking the bad with the good.

“Queer Eye I just finished watching it, it’s these five guys that go to people’s houses. I learned a lot about people and about them separately,” Canales said. “It really changed and shaped me to be more aware about how I look.”