Teens Need More Zs, Study says


Teen sleeping in school


High school students seem to be zombies when they come to school. Many of them walking slowly and sluggish while other students seem like they just got fresh batteries in them. A lot of students get good sleep and are ready for the day while others try to get good sleep and just can’t.

“I go to bed early, like around nine or ten, but it always seems like I have too much on my mind involving school to sleep,” sophomore Andrew Sullivan said.

Researchers at Nationwide children’s hospital say that teenagers should get an average of 8-9 hours of sleep. Which is more then what they get now, some say even when they try and go to bed early, they still only sleep about 7 hours.

“I try and get to bed at my normal time every night but with the amount of homework I have that is due the next day, it really prevents me from getting the amount of sleep I need. I only get about six to seven hours of sleep every night,” Sullivan said.

Other students will stay up a little later than normal but won’t stay up past a certain time, that way they can still get a good amount of sleep.

“I go to sleep a bit later then I normally used to, so I can get extra homework done, but I never stay up passed eleven,” senior Sam MacPherson said.

Sometimes when students can complete a majority of their work before getting home they can get better sleep.

“If I could change one thing about my sleep it would be to finish my homework earlier, so I can sleep even better,” MacPherson Said.