Klein in Space Announces Winner


A team this week at Klein High School was announced as the winner for the Klein In Space competition.


This team consists of Michael Ji,  Max Hall-Brown, Yannie Guo, and their sponsor Vicki Hermsdorf. The winning team’s creation is to be launched off next year.


“Finding out that we were selected as the winners was quite an honor,” senior Yannie Guo said. “I am extremely proud of the work we were able to accomplish thus far, and very excited for what is to come. Although this news is certainly a reason to celebrate, my team and I still have much to do to send the project off. I hope everything goes according to plan and we are able to see this project to the end.”


Though the students have won, they aren’t completely done with their mission. There is still a few more steps before their creation is launched off.


“Actually, next isn’t even sending off the project,” senior Max Hall-Brown said. “The next few steps all have to do with simply making sure everything with our project works right on earth before we try doing the experiment in space. Specifically, we’re working with U of H to treat the container for our experiment, making a couple solutions, and then running test trails of the procedure. Next summer is when NASA will be taking our project to space for the real experiment.”