Springing Into Fashion


As the winter season ends fashion is going to go through some changes and things that were popular last year might not be this year. Students will look to their favorite celebrities and magazines for fashion inspiration or maybe just the nearest thrift store.

For some students their style is all about being budget friendly and unique. For Senior Deontae Davis, style is all about standing out and dressing the way you want without worrying about what others think.

“I would describe my current style as unique and incomplete because I like to wear things other people wouldn’t and make it look good,” Davis said. “It brings more diversity and pulls eyes towards me because no one is wearing what I’m wearing. My style is incomplete because I can’t afford my real style.”

The mall is a popular place to shop because it has stores that cater to everyone’s individual style in one place. Unique patterns and prints, bold colors, and fashion risks are in coming for the new year.

“I usually shop at stores like Forever 21, H&M, Pacsun, and Zumiez because they carry the most unique prints and patterns on their clothing which stands out most,” Davis said.  “I recently got into thrifting and its easier than I thought, its cheap and I find some very interesting items and it helps me stretch my budget.”

Fashion is a wide spectrum and many students like to mix different styles to create something different and personal.

“My style is pretty tomboy,” senior Lauren Clark said. “I like to make my outfits kinda edgy looking but still cute.”

When it comes to winter everyone handles their fashion differently. The cold can be unbearable for some or the perfect excuse to pull out their favorite piece.

“My winter fashion is definitely hoodies,” Clark said. “They’re easy to put with any outfit and always comfortable.”

Taking winter fashion to the next level is easier for some and preferred. An essential key to ensuring fashion in even the coldest months is layering.

“My winter fashion is simple; Layers,” Davis said. “I love wearing multiple layers and making them coordinate with different parts of the outfit to show detail. The winter time gives me the opportunity to do that because of the cold weather.”

Winter fashion is sometimes just freezing and trying to make it through the months. With a general style aesthetic though it is easy to be cold and cute.

“My current style is school girl but also comfortable,” senior Clara Acevedo said. “In the winter it’s so cold that I can’t be cute, so I always have a jacket on.”

With all the new fashion icons, brands, and decisions moving into spring, fashion should be taking a step in another direction. Being an individual with a unique style and mind is the new trend.

“I don’t really have a trend I’m looking forward to,” Clark said. “But I always follow up on TooPoor on Instagram because she is my style icon.”

A common trend is following the trends, but many individuals don’t like to fit in. Following trends isn’t a bad thing and neither is having a unique fashion sense.

“I don’t really follow trends that closely,” Davis said. “I just like to be myself and don’t fall into the mold that everyone else does.”