Caleb Duncan Wins First at State and is Nominated for Student Spotlight


Courtest of Ruby Duncan

Senior Caleb Duncan stands in first place.


Senior and swim state champion Caleb Duncan was nominated for Student Spotlight by a previous-year teacher, Kelli White.  He recently signed to swim for Louisville college. He won first in the 50 freestyle this past weekend.

“Caleb is a hard-working, honest, dependable student,” White said.  “He always does the best that he can, he asks questions so he can fill out things correctly and make sure that he has everything right. He does his very best on every single thing he does.”

At a young age Duncan started swimming.

“[I’ve been swimming] since I was 10 so about eight years now,” Duncan said.  “That’s when I started competitive swimming year round.”

Duncan has several ways to prepare for an upcoming meet.

“For big meets like state coming up, normally I try to get a good night’s rest like going to bed at 9:30 every night; eating healthy and just staying focused, not letting anything bother me,” Duncan said.

White said she sees several prominent Klein5 traits through Duncan’s work ethic.

“The Klein5 trait I see most in him is perseverance,” White said.  “He always tries to better himself.”

His motivation comes partly from his peers’ accomplishments.

“[What I enjoy about swimming] is definitely at the end of the season standing on the side of the pool and seeing my friends get best times- I think that’s awesome,” Duncan said.

By managing his time, Duncan balances his swim and school life.

“[To balance swim and school] sometimes I do go to bed late,” Duncan said.  “But I always try to get my school work done more at school than at home so that always helps.”

No matter the obstacles Duncan endures, he perseveres.

“He always tries to get things right.  He asks questions so he doesn’t give up; always keeps going and tries to get better,” White said.