Football team falls short of student expectations

Kats defeated Klein Forest on Oct. 11 30-13.

Photo by Ariel Van Patten

Kats defeated Klein Forest on Oct. 11 30-13.


Klein’s football team is nearly through the season, yet the outcome was initially foreseen differently by the student body.
While some students believed that Klein would do very well this year, others began to think otherwise after the first game against Katy.

“The team isn’t as professional as it was last year,” said junior Cassie Vo. “During the Katy game, the team played sloppy. They are good, but not that great. I don’t think they’ll go to state.”

However, other students believe that the Bearkats are a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m not sure exactly how next year’s season is going to go,” said freshman Chandler Terflinger. “But I hope that our team will be able to go all the way to state.”

While there are skeptics and enthusiasts, the team can still find students cheering the players on in the stands. The student body tries to go to as many games as possible to support the school and show their spirit.

“Even though we don’t have the best outcome, I think having fans cheering and giving support in the stands affects the whole atmosphere,” said senior Kevin Dong.

After a 49-21 win against Kingwood, Klein still has two games left in the season.