Antigone is Presented by Klein Drama


Antigone will be presented on Sep. 27, 28, 29, and Oct. 1 by Klein Drama.

“This is a show about personal integrity,” director of Antigone Jason Bradshaw said.  “The title character, Antigone, makes a choice that she believes is right and she sticks to that choice no matter what consequences come her way.”

Senior and Drama President, Kristen DeLoatche had a behind-the-scenes perspective of the show, being the Production Assistant.

“The show is about these two brothers who went to war over who got to be king,” DeLoatche said.  “One was in power and one wasn’t. The higher-power one got a proper burial and the other one was just laid there to rot. So the sister, Antigone, wants to give her brother a proper burial so it’s really like, ‘what are your values,’ ‘what do you value in family?’”

Klein Drama had an abundant rehearsal process which is known for the polished result.

“The rehearsal process is really fun, it’s a really focused and serious process at the same time as being fun,” junior Brandon Bomer, who plays Hamen, said. “ The fun part of it is I get to act alongside all these other amazing actors in the production.”

Throughout rehearsals the actors got the chance to explore their characters.

“The rehearsal process is so fun because you get to see new discoveries, you get to see people just, like, click,” DeLoatche said. “It’s so interesting. Everyday you get to see words on a page become something beautiful.”

Bradshaw, worked hard to bring his vision to the show through communication and rehearsal.

“The rehearsal process really involves communicating my vision of the show to the actors and the designers, and in this case, the musicians because we have live musicians playing in the show,” Bradshaw said.  “Communicating that to them and then working each rehearsal to bring that vision to life; collaborating with them, those other artist, to bring that vision to life.”

The story of Antigone has some lessons that can be learned through it.

“I am so excited to see these people’s talents,” DeLoatche said.  “All the actors have really just doven in, and they just think so much about their character. They’ve put so much time and effort in it so I can’t wait to see people’s reaction to how honest the performers are. [I hope people will learn, through the show to] stick to your values, be true to yourself.  It’s a ‘what would you do for family,’ kind of thing.”

Tickets are available now on and will be available at the door for $8.  Tonight is the last performance.

“ [I’m most excited about people seeing] the talent of all the artists involved, all the student actors and student technicians and student designers,” Bradshaw said. “ We have some faculty musicians and one student musician and they’re all doing some amazing stuff on stage.  [A message I hope people will take away from this show is] that there are some things worth standing up for in this world and if you believe in it stand up for it.”