Superintendent Spotlight

Shining a Light on our Superintendent

Dr. Jenny McGown, Klein ISD Superintendent [photo obtained from]


Over the summer, Dr. Jenny McGown was named District 4 Superintendent of the Year.  Over 1,206 school districts are eligible to nominate their superintendent, and the recipient is chosen for their strong leadership skills, dedication to improving education quality, and commitment to public involvement in education. 

“I’m thankful to our extraordinary Klein ISD Board of Trustees for the nomination and, most of all, for their student-focused leadership,” McGown said. “This recognition truly belongs to our entire Klein Family and reflects the tireless work they do every single day with such love and care for our students and community.”

Whether as a teacher, principal, assistant principal, executive director, chief learning officer, or deputy superintendent, Mcgown has been part of the Klein family for many years. Now she has served as the superintendent for three years, and throughout her time as the head of the school district has tried to push Klein ISD to the best it can be.

“There are a lot of terrific qualities that I admire about her, but the one that sticks out the most is the care that she shows for everyone around her,” Brandon Baker, principal of Klein High School, said. “Klein ISD has around 54,000 students and 7,000 employees and she takes the time to get to know so many of those people by their name, strength, and need. She takes time to check in on people and see how they are doing and if there is anything she can do to help…I don’t take those things for granted. I don’t think there are many people that lead organizations as large as Klein ISD that care about the people as much as she does.”

Throughout the first couple weeks of school, McGown visited different Klein campuses to check-in. At each school, she got to see the different amenities that they offer, like at Klein High she was able to see the Nursing Pathway and ROTC Space Force. At Klein Cain, she even got to meet the first Cain alumni that now works there.

“She is so genuine in everything she does,” Nicole Patin, principal of Klein Cain, said. “Every interaction with her leaves you with the impression and undeniable feeling that she truly cares. You can see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, feel it in her handshakes and hugs and watch it in the interactions she has with everyone.”

McGown said she fell in love with education on a trip where she was able to teach overseas. Many of her first students were unable to attend school beforehand, and their determination to learn inspired her. From that trip on, McGown has been pushing for Klein ISD to continuously excel in the tradition of excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. 

“She is so visible and so very supportive,” Patin said. “She is the real deal. And she is someone who cares for you as a person…not just a principal/staff member. She is invested in all of us and knows that in addition to being educators, we are also moms, dads, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters… and she emphasizes the family aspect of our job.  She helps keep our Klein family united, but she also takes a vested interest in all of our own families and is so supportive in the part of our lives that happen when we are not at work.”

McGown plans on continuing to build on the foundation of Klein’s environment that celebrates progress. Klein has been performing well on academic assessments, has had student-athletes competing at the State level for over 40 years and has been recognized as one of the best communities for music and a district of distinction for visual arts for several consecutive years.

“She is visible and connected,” Patin said. “When you need her, she is there…every time without question. She has high expectations for us and challenges us to be the best versions of ourselves and expects that we do the same with our own staff.”

“My favorite part of being the Klein ISD Superintendent is working alongside the remarkable people in this district who are dedicated to the success of every student in our care,” McGown said. “I’m incredibly grateful to lead in the district I call my professional home and my family’s home.”