BRC office aide shares first-hand experiences


Photo by Ariel Van Patten

As a BRC aide, senior Mohammed Mashwani is in charge of returning repaired tablets to students.


Klein High is constantly making changes year by year. Ever since construction started, students and teachers have been making adjustments. Of all these alterations, everybody agrees that the biggest revision at Klein are the tablets.

Tablets have been getting mixed reviews ever since Klein started to hand them out to students at the beginning of the year. Some students began to face multiple issues with their tablet, and it frustrated them. Whenever something goes wrong with these tablets, the Bearkat Resolution Center (BRC) is in charge of correcting it.

Students like senior Mohammed Mashwani, who’s an office aide at BRC, are the one’s who assist in fixing those problems.

“There’s a ton going on and the BRC does a lot of work. They have to deal with stubborn people, parents, and students with bad attitudes often. The BRC is new, so they have to confront new problems a lot. It can be stressful.”

Mohammed and his fellow student aides are in charge of delivering messages and setting up fixed laptops that need to be delivered.

“The BRC goes through about 70 laptops a day, so it gets pretty hectic,” he said.

The student can submit a work order and send their tablets to the BRC to be fixed.

“The most common issue is the battery and charger. We reset a lot of laptops throughout the week. Another common issue would be the internet connection,” Mashwani said.

Student aides do a lot of work, but the BRC aides do some things differently than a regular office aide.

“When you’re working in the BRC, you have way more responsibilities. Some of these include helping out teachers with the little things such as setting up the stylus’, dealing with laptops, and setting up printers and monitors for teachers in their classrooms” said Mashwani, “our main job, though, is to make sure messages get delivered to classrooms, kind of like a regular office aide.”

Though they call themselves aides, working at the BRC is like a job.

“I see it more as a job, but that does not mean I don’t like it. It’s fun and I enjoy doing it. I think it’s harder than being a regular office aide, it can get pretty tough. I love working at the BRC. It’s one of the most unique things to be in at school. Each aide has their own spot to do their own work, it’s very nice,” Mashwani said.

Even though the BRC aides have a lot of responsibilities, there are still rules and restrictions set upon them.

“We pretty much have the same rules as a regular office aide. We cannot tamper with any of the hardware. If we do, then we lose our job. We only do battery checks, unless they tell us to do something specific like removing a stylus,” he said.

Mashwani and his fellow student aides know a lot about the tablets, especially updates about external batteries.

“We might not get back external batteries since other schools such as Collins and Oak haven’t got theirs back. We don’t want to take a risk ever since the incident occurred,” he said.

Anybody who’s interested in doing office aide at the BRC can see their counselor for more information.

“For all of you out there, be prepared that for some days there will be an insane amount of work. It comes out of no where,” said Mashwani.

Ever since the BRC opened, faculty and students have been working hard repairing and preparing tablets.

“I hear people complaining about their tablet a lot, but you have to realize that the BRC has to deal with the entire school’s tablets,” said Mashwani, “All summer while we were enjoying our vacation, they spent hours and hours working on our tablets. Be appreciative of your laptop and of the BRC. It truly does make things easier if you use your tablet in the right way. The school and the BRC are trying to do what’s best for students.”