Do’s and Don’ts of promposals


Senior Nabeel Jawad asked senior Morgan Ziemer to prom with a choreographed dance to Apache (Jump On It) by the Sugarhill Gang. Jawad made sure to clear his plans with the principals before stopping lunch with his song and dance.


Although some girls began their prom countdown on their first day of high school, other less enthusiastic students are still getting their prom plans together. This has left them scrambling to find the perfect dress, make reservations, and even find dates.

What was done two generations ago with a simple question has now evolved into the giant charade known as promposals.

Social media is most likely to blame for the increase of standards when asking someone to prom. Videos of promposals can be found all over YouTube showing everything from flash mobs to classroom serenades.

And as they continue to get even more extravagant, it’s important that you know the proper promposal etiquette, which is why The Bearchat has compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts  for you to remember when planning out your perfect promposal.

Don’t be annoying

It’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between a cute promposal and being obnoxious. Asking someone during school is fine, but make sure you’re not disrupting those around you.

Don’t break school rules

If you’re going to be bold, make sure to get approval from an administrator or teacher beforehand. Your grand gesture might seem like a good idea right now, but not if it earns you a write-up for disrupting the class. Even worse than being written up for class is being arrested for defacing school property, so you should rethink any ideas of writing “Prom?” on the football field.

Don’t go over the top

Remember, you don’t have to go all out. It’s a promposal not a marriage proposal.

Be creative

No one likes a copy cat, so try to come with a fun and original idea when asking someone to Prom.

 Survey the waters

Don’t set yourself up for rejection and public humiliation. Be at least 60% sure they’ll say yes before promposing. Ask a friend to help prod around and see if the person you want has a date yet, better yet if they’re interested in going with you.

Switch things up

Who says that guys should have all the fun? While it may be common practice for the guys to ask the girls, girls are just as capable of asking someone to Prom.

Involve food somehow

Who’s going to say no to Fried Mac N’ Cheese from Vito’s Pizza?

Don’t embarrass the person you want to ask

Not everyone likes big promposals. Some people can get easily embarrassed in crowds, so make sure to keep it simple if that’s the way they want it.

No giant bears

Don’t buy your date something that’s bigger than them, because then they have to carry it around from class to class for the rest of the day.