Staff Promotes Yearbook on National Buy Your Yearbook Day


Wednesday, October 22 was National Buy Your Yearbook Day, where all the yearbook staff gathered in the cafeteria to promote what they will be working on all year: the Klein High Yearbook.

“The purpose of National Buy Your Yearbook Day is to get people hyped up about the yearbook so people know that it exists and can purchase it,” says junior photography editor Katy Clark.

The staff organized fun games; this year, the games involved the use of glow sticks, which engaged students and made the prospect of buying a yearbook something fun. If the students won the game, their names got put in a raffle to win gift cards or a free yearbook.

“National Buy Your Yearbook day is something to raise awareness for something that I’ve been working hard on along with my other staffers all year long,” said Clark, “It’s something that I want people to look at ten years from now and see everything that we worked hard on.”

There are other reasons to buy the yearbook as well.

“I want to buy a yearbook because I like having all my friends sign it at the end of the year” said junior Brooklyn Young. “I like to look back and see what they had to say.”

The last few days of school always consist of most students carrying around yearbooks, making sure to get all of their friends to sign it. It’s always fun to sign friends’ yearbooks and reminisce on the memories from that year. Yet, many students are put off from buying a yearbook because of the high price.

“I’m not buying a yearbook because it’s too much money; it doesn’t seem worth it to me,” said freshman Molly LoCaste.

The $70 now seems like a fortune compared to the mere $15 that is used to be in previous years in middle school. The difference now, however, is that the yearbook is created and personalized by the students themselves. The staff works hard to make the yearbooks bigger and much nicer than one would ever find in a middle school. They take pride in their work and want as many students as they can to buy the book.

The yearbook is currently available online at for $70, but hurry because the price will continue to go up as time goes on! The yearbook is a project that many students work hard on and want to share with everyone, so don’t miss out on the chance to purchase one.