Super Bowl LI: Hosted in H-Town


Hosted in Houston, Texas, the Super Bowl LI will take place on Feb. 5. Leading up to the most popular sports event of the year, Houston plans to host different activities and festivals to pump up the football fans.
Discovery Green Park will be hosting the Super Bowl LIVE Fan Festival. This 10-day event will take place from Jan. 27 up to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, featuring free concerts by well known artists such as ZZ Top and Blue October. The festival itself is a free event and will have many food sites, fun games, and other attractions for fans to enjoy.

“These events make me feel as if I am doing something that’s not only fun but they make the game fun regardless of who’s playing,” said sophomore Laura Parsley.

Discovery Green Park also will be hosting the latest and final countdown clock. The countdown features a 15-foot football shaped clock with the Houston Super Bowl logo and the current number of days leading up to the Super Bowl. There are three other clocks located at NRG Stadium, where the Super Bowl will take place, Bush Intercontinental Airport, and Hobby Airport.
Along with many festivities leading up to the big game, there is much more to be excited about. The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be attending the 2017 Super Bowl and fans could not be more excited.
“I’ve been rooting for New England Patriots all season and I am really excited to see them go,” senior Braxton Balch said.
The Texans won against the Oakland Raiders on January 7, 14-27, which means they were one step forward to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately The Texans lost their second play-off game against the New England Patriots January 14, 16-34, which ended their opportunity to be in the Super Bowl.
“They had a good season, but I’m sad to see it end so soon. There’s always next year,” junior Arron Esparza said.
One of Americas most anticipated parts of Super Bowl Sunday is the half time show. Many worldwide known artists have been given the opportunity to perform during half time. Last year, the very credible band, Coldplay, headlined along with guest appearances by Bruno Mars and Houston’s own Beyoncé Knowles.
“I’m excited for the half time show because no matter what team makes it to Super Bowl, I have something to look forward to,” junior Raina Murphy said.
This year, actress and singer, Lady Gaga, will be performing at the Super Bowl LI half time show. Gaga has never headlined the halftime show for the Super Bowl and is anticipating it very much. However, the singer previously sang the national anthem at Super Bowl L in 2016 and captured the hearts many.
“I think it’s so great that she’s performing this year, at the Houston Super Bowl especially. She has such a powerful voice,” junior Paula Henson.

Whether you’re watching from front row or the living room, the Super Bowl LI will surely be one for the books. With many activities and festivities planned prior to the game, fans could not be more excited for the football game of the year.
“Super Bowl Sunday is going to be lit. I can feel it,” said junior Patrick Michel.