Becoming Boomer

Senior Allyson Harris named new mascot


Photo by Kamryn See

Mascot Allyson Harris shows her school spirit during a football game.


Imagine the spotlight itching to release its rays onto you, standing on the sidelines with a restless crown, and finally running out to roaring applause. This is the reality of newly appointed mascot, senior Allyson Harris, who was appointed mascot in May 2019.


“The only thing that I’m nervous about is letting people down because all of the mascots before me were so good and I wanted to keep up with that reputation,” Harris said. “But every time I put on that suit, I become a whole new person and have fun.”


Harris began her journey to becoming Boomer when former mascot, senior Camryn Cole introduced her to the idea.


“The story behind me trying out for mascot is actually very weird.” Harris said. “The former Boomer, Camryn Cole, was talking about how no one tried out for mascot when they had the first tryout and I was like OMG how about if I tried out, thinking that it was totally a joke, but Camryn really encouraged me to do it thinking that I would be perfect for it, so I thought about it for a good week and thought why not. To me it’s an adventure and an experience that not everyone gets to do, so I tried out.“


Although the process for trying out was a bit difficult, Harris said she adores performing and always perseveres to do her best.


“The tryout process consisted of a 1:30 skit and improv section,” Harris said. “The moment I stepped into the suit I was like okay this isn’t bad and I did my best. Then they picked me and I officially became Boomer.”


Harris is more than excited to be the new mascot and many students are sure that she will encompass the same amount of spirit as mascots before her.


“You can tell the person behind it [the mask] is very enthusiastic. I thought it was pretty cool seeing their spirit and I’ve seen that every year and I’m glad for seeing that.” sophomore Martin Cutrone said.


Students and staff alike have full confidence in Harris’s abilities as the new mascot, including the Klein high varsity cheer coach who has nothing but good things to say about her.


“She is amazing! She is interactive with the crowd and the sideline,” cheer sponsor Kelli White said.


The importance of a school mascot may be ill-defined, but Harris is able to convey what she believes that importance to be.


”I believe that a mascot is important because they represent what a school stands for,” Harris said. “In my case, Boomer represents the spirit that lies in everyone and when I’m on the field or court it’s like I’m backing them up and that the school is cheering them on and has their back.”