The B.E.S.T. of Performances

B.E.S.T. Holds Annual Variety Show for Students with Special Needs


Peyton Templeton

Feeling the music, Deyvion Robinson dances to “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical


   On Nov. 16 the B.E.S.T. Club held their annual variety show. The performance allowed students who have special needs to display their various talents such as singing and dancing. 

   “I have family members with special needs and I know what it meant to them to have peers that would interact with them and show the same kind of respect that they would want. It just meant something to me and also I love working with kids; that’s my biggest thing is I love having fun with students. [I have seen these students likes impacted], oh my goodness, tremendously. It’s a lot of joy,” said sponsor Catherine Escur. 

   The show gave out a strong message to families and students who came to watch. 

   “I’ve always loved working with the Special Ed. kids. It makes me sad that people think of them differently and I just want to make sure that they feel included,” said senior Nathan Lam. ”Just being normal friends to them, that’s all they really want, just to be integrated into Klein High. They’ve opened up; a lot of them have been really shy and the person I performed with during the variety show opened up, smiling and that just made me happy. My favorite part is being with the kids and that’s what this club is about: inclusion.”

   Members of the B.E.S.T. Buddies club get to spend time with these kids and make a positive impact on their lives. 

  “They love having BEST members visit them; they visit on a regular basis,” Escure said. ”We have friendship friday and they come to classes during Bearkat Den, a lot of different activities. I just see their spirits lifted so high because they are accepted and loved, you know. Kids love them once you get to know them.

   Another priority of the club is to help enhance tasks that each individual favors. 

   “I love helping kids find out what their skills are and what they can accomplish,” said Michelle Comeaux, a teacher in the Special Education department. “I hope to help them grow and to be more independent. I’ve seen students who normally don’t talk in class open up, able to talk more in front of a crowd. Kids that were really nervous but when they’re singing and dancing, they just come alive and it’s really great to see.”

   Not only does Klein target education for these students, but they also focus on bringing joy and celebration. 

   “It’s super fun to see all the kids and be friends with them and it’s fun to volunteer; to make them feel like they’re included because I feel like a lot of people have this weird stigma around special needs kids so I feel like it’s good for them to be able to be involved,” senior Brailey Wilson said. “A lot of the kids in the hallway say hi to us. It’s really cool to actually make a relationship with them. The people [in the club] are actually really awesome, the officers are really cool, and the kids are really awesome too.”

   Students and staff go above and beyond to let the students with special needs know that they are loved and cared for. The variety show was just a glimpse of how beautiful this organization is.  

   “I’m just doing it for the kids, you know, there’s a good way to build relationships with kids and to get those relationships strong and just to be there for the kids,” Coach Matthew Menard said. “[I hope to influence them by] being a positive role model, be the best example, make the right decisions, pretty much act like a winner. [I’ve seen their lives impacted] just by the simple act of being kind to each other, open up the door, for example, taking turns, you know, just being nice. “What do you need”;Bringing peace. My favorite part would be, I guess, just seeing the kids be happy and laugh and just having good fun,”