Construction update: right on track

An aerial view of the ongoing construction.

Second semester may bring about class changes or bring about senioritis, but some things remain constant until the end of the year. Most prominent is the construction as it undergoes Phase 2.

“We are on schedule,” said Assistant Principal Gary Brain, who also oversees the construction.  “As far as I know, we are right where we are supposed to be.”

Beginning with the demolition of the Pavilion, Career Center, and Annex and the opening of the Academic Building last year, Phase 2 will attach itself to the Academic Building and Athletic Building in order to unite Klein High as one. It will include the cafeteria, commons, auditorium, business classes, art classes, yearbook, newspaper, band, orchestra, and choir.

“Every Friday, I go to the construction meeting and hear all the updates and what’s going on with the building and the progress that’s being made,” said Brain. “Currently, a variety of people are working all at the same time. They are working on all three floors, in the auditorium, in the kitchen: They’re working everywhere doing whatever specific area that they have to do at the time. Each of them has their own responsibilities.”

The construction group works throughout the school day. Due to this, not only are certain routes planned for the students and teachers to get around the school, but problems can also occur to disrupt the schedule.

“There are things that throw loops into our day. For example, we had to stop after school activities early because of a water situation that the workers had to take care of. But for the most part, their day doesn’t interact with our day at all,” said Brain. “There were more changes that happened last year and the year before because of the way that the buildings were being built. This year, there’s not very many at all because of where all the construction is at: it’s all isolated in a back corner.”

Once Phase 2 is complete in June 2014, Phase 3 will begin with the staff parking lot and landscaping.

“We will start next school year in the brand new building, the finished product. There won’t be any moves within the middle of the year.  We will finish this school year with the way we are,” said Brain.

Klein High’s construction project will be complete by December 2014.