Morning Announcements Replaced By TVs, Blackboard


The Klein High morning announcements were taken off the daily schedule at the beginning of the semester and will instead be posted on Blackboard, and newly installed TVs around campus.

“The televisions have replaced morning announcements for the purpose of saving class time,” said Assistant Principal Jaren Bollinger. “There are over 20 in total throughout the school.”

Students have mixed opinions on the new options.

“I think it saves a lot of time for students because I can get more work done without being distracted by the blaring speakers,” said sophomore Katt Maschke.

Since the hallway television installations, students should have no problem finding the announcements on those while going to their next class.

“The televisions were put in convenient places, so if I’m rushing to class I’ll know the time I have left plus what’s going on around the campus,” said junior Julias Tempil.

However, some students have found it to just make their class-passing times harder for them.

“I like the idea,” said sophomore William Cate, “but it has become a little inconvenient for me since nearly all my classes are spread out. I barely have enough time to just stop for a few seconds to see what the news is.”