Trump Elected President


After countless hours that led early into the morning shocking results showed the new president of the United States will be Donald J. Trump defeating Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Klein Bearkats have mixed opinions on the new president elect.

“He is a business man, so he knows manage money,” said sophomore Jessica Yost

Other students think he could not be a very good leader.

“I don’t think he will help America, because when he got elected people were rioting, which is making America worse,” said sophomore Anisah Robinson.

According to some Bearkats Hillary Clinton would be a better president.

“I like Hillary because she respects all races,” said sophomore Payton Bell.

The United States was surprised that Trump won Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Iowa which were core states to win this election he also won 306 electoral votes.

Hillary won four core states Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and lastly New Hampshire along with 232 electoral college votes.

One administrator shared that she thinks Trump can help America.

“He is not tied to anyone, and so he can make the decisions that could benefit America,” said Assistant Principal Jaren Bollinger.

Where others said he will not do much good.

“I can’t see him doing much good, because he discriminates against minorities and the minorities make up the majority of the population,” said Freshman Emma Swanson.