The History of the Inauguration


Image Credit – Anna Longbottom


The very first United States presidential inauguration was in 1789 when president George Washington was sworn into office, he swore on the Bible, and at the end of his speech he did his own custom phrase that has been used in every inauguration since; “so help me God.” Along with this, he also gave the shortest inaugural address which was 135 words long.


The last inauguration took place on Jan. 20 for President elect Donald J. Trump. The swearing in ceremony began at 9:30 A.M. in Washington D.C.


A very popular tradition within the visualization of the country is that the President is sworn in upon their book of faith.


“The inauguration itself is a public tradition, and every president so far has been sworn in on a Bible,” U.S. history teacher Elyse Rothfeld said.


According to a tradition that is not well known is that the previous first family moves out on inauguration day and the new first family moves in the same day. The procedure for this is as the truck for the previous first family leaves the truck for the new first family moves in. Another tradition is that the previous president shakes hands and says goodbye to all his previous staff, and the new president shakes hands and says hello to all of his new staff on inauguration day.


“It’s a nice tradition because then the new family gets to meet all of their staff,” freshman Jordyn Haynes said.


Most Inaugurations have Inaugural Balls take place after the busy day of swearing in, speech, and meetings with staff. Trump attended three.


“I think it’s a nice way to welcome the president to the Whitehouse,” said freshman Cassie Pirtle


Another tradition that was honored this year was when President Barack Obama had tea the morning before the Inauguration with President Donald Trump.

“I think it’s good that the previous president and the new president sort of passed the torch,” said Stefan Boyd