New Restaurant Melts Hearts


The Melt is the one of a kind gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. San Francisco based, this new eatery has expanded its location to The Vintage Marketplace.
Walking into the restaurant, you find yourself surrounded by the modern décor and setup. With a technological order station, you are able to take a look at the menu and order all on your own. Helpful workers and managers make rounds around each table to ensure your experience with The Melt is going well, which gives you a chance to talk and converse about the unique atmosphere.
The restaurant takes pride in its two main points: “better foods for our kids and job creations.” This mission has led The Melt to offer 100 percent all natural ingredients in their meals. With real beef and aged cheeses, as well as fresh produce and naked fries, it is clear to say that the foods are made to real, wholesome, and enjoyed.
The Melt provides customers with healthy and delicious options for everyday meals with a twist. Grilled cheese stars on the menu with spins including macaroni and cheese, Italian, Cesar, eggs, and much more. If you’re in the mood for a burger or a chicken sandwich, these can also be found in variety along with salads and fries. To finish off your delectable meal, ice cream and milkshakes are offered made with simple ingredients.
The regular grilled cheese at The Melt is priced at $4.99. The specialty grilled chesses and burgers range from $5-6.99, which provides a well-price for the all -natural alternative. In many grocery stores or primary organic shops, all-natural foods can cost well over the regular price for preservatives. The Melt offers an inexpensive way to dine and explore healthier options.
This interesting restaurant gives off a modern and inventive appeal that is both unique and delicious. With a variety of specialty foods and healthy, all natural options for common day meals, this restaurant is a thing of the future.