Klein Holds Second Ever Klein Idol and So You Think You Can Dance


Photo Courtesy of Klein Dance

Winners of the So You Think You Can dance portion of the competition, juniors Kiresten Laventon, Nelley Ihieri, and Shyairia Newton pose with Kelly Brenham and Kathrine Dean.


Klein High gave a chance for students to show off their talents at the second annual Klein Idol and So You Think You Can Dance competition last month. In this competition there were two different winners; Angelina Trevino who won the singing portion of the competition and a team called “The Heat”containing juniors Kiresten Laventon, Nelley Ihieri, and Shyairia Newton won the dancing portion. 

“It felt like a dream because we worked really hard on our dance and all the stressed and things we had really paid off,” Laventon said.

Trevino said she put her whole heart and even some tears into her performance and took home the title of Klein Idol winner.

 “I put so much effort into my performance so it really meant a lot to win it,” she said.

Many schools don’t have these type of competition shows where anyone can participate, and many students find these opportunities important when it comes to self-expression.

 “I think it definitely helps people get out of their box and allows them to express themselves,” Trevino said.

The performers await the night for a chance to share their talents with the audience.

“It gives the students something to look forward to, I know I was really looking forward to it all week,” Laventon said.

The show allows all students to be their own unique person while still doing the things they are passionate about.

“I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s different personalities come out when they are in stage,” Newton said.

The students got a chance to laugh and enjoy a surprise musical during the show that was called 21 Chump Street, and was like a similar version of 21 Jump Street.  

“I thought the musical was amazing and so funny, I got to see them practice it and thought it was so cool, and the dancing was so well choreographed and I really liked the sets they used,” Senior Rilee Wadsworth said.

Klein Idol and So You Think You Can Dance is different than any other show at Klein before and the audience enjoyed the overall show.

“I thought the show was very interesting and well put together. It was nice also because of how different it is from the variety show,” Wadsworth said.