Local Teacher Hit by Teen Who Was Texting and Driving


A GoFundMe has been set up for HOSA sponsor Kristen Haggard, after she was seriously injured in a car accident earlier in April. Kirsten Haggard is a teacher for Medical Terminology, Health Science Technology II, and Clinical Rotations.

“Mrs. H has impacted my life in more ways than I can count and I wanted to show her how much she has affected me,” Tai said

On the morning of April 3 Haggard was in an accident near Spring Cypress and Stuebner Airline roads. According to EMT teacher Jill Tackett, A young man was texting while he was driving and swerved into the oncoming lane. Haggard saw what was happening but couldn’t move very out of the way in time. She sat trapped in her car for 45 minutes before Cypress Creek EMS (Emergency Medical Services) transported her to Memorial Woodlands where she received treatment, Tackett said.

“The GoFundMe was set up to help pay for medical bills and cover what insurance will not pay for,” said Senior Abbigale Wright.

Former HOSA officer Hanni Tai was inspired by Haggard to do what is right and set up the GoFundMe. According to Tai as of April 21, the GoFundMe has raised $8,996 out of the 10k goal.

Tackett said that Haggard’s medical needs consist of a broken neck, her first and second cervical vertebrae were broken, and a large hematoma on her head from when it hit the windshield. Tackett said her skull was not fractured. Haggard is wearing a halo which wraps around the top of your head then rests on your shoulders and hips in order to stabilize her vertebrae. Currently Haggard is at home and is walking around with assistance. She is slowly recovering.

“Mrs. Haggard will be out the rest of the year because the halo will not be coming off till after school lets out,” said Jill Tackett

If you would like to donate please contact Tai.