Klein, So You Think You Can Dance?


The first annual Klein So You Think You Can Dance (KSYTYCD) was held in the KHS auditorium on November 30, 2017 and students were encouraged to showcase their dancing skills in this competition to see who would become the first KSYTYCD winner.

     Many people realized how many talented dancers we have here at Klein.

“We love to dance, and thought this was an opportunity to showcase that and have fun while doing it,” junior Julian Ochoa said.

The show took lots of practice and preparation and had to be rehearsed, despite Thanksgiving.

“Over Thanksgiving break we would go to each other’s houses and run it,” Ochoa said.

There were also other obstacles that performers had to surpass.

“The real truth behind it is that my foot was hurting but I wanted to dance one last time, and everyone already knew the piece I was doing, the song I chose, I was very proud of, it was a speech, it was something I wanted to share with the rest of the school and so I wanted to dance to show others and to show my friends and express my feelings,” said freshman Carla Lejuan.

Winner, Carla Lejan was excited to have won first place and she was surprised.

“It felt great and I was very honored, because there were a bunch of great dancers, but I was very, very happy,” Lejuan said.

However, she wasn’t the only one who was shocked to hear the results.

“I was shocked at the placements because I thought we did good, or good enough to place. but the people that did place were all contemporary performers, but they all did good,” junior Joshua Davis said.

Overall the show seemed to be a success, and hopes to continue for many more years.

“Winning doesn’t matter, it’s the experience that you have, and how everyone who dances has one thing in common which is the love of dance, and you make friends, it’s great,” Lujan said.