Swim Team Heads To State


In February, the Varsity Klein Swim Team headed to state. At state, the team did really well, with boys placing 5th and girls placing 4th.

“I was proud of all of us when I found out the team was headed to state, we’ve all worked all season hard, and all of our hard work paid off,” sophomore Charlotte Longbottom said.

After finding out the news about the team heading to state, the swim team made the decision to practice more.

“We prepared for state with 5:30 A.M. practices, all day, all week, two hours.” Longbottom said.

While being a part of the school swim team, some students even dedicated their time to other swim organizations outside of school.

“After school I go to practice for another two hours at Swim Stream Line.” Longbottom said.

“Our team sportsmanship played a huge part of our success at state.” Longbottom said.

On each side of the team, there are students who are looked up to.

“Someone who is looked up to on the team on the boy’s side is Jacob Powell and Caleb Duncan.” Swim Coach Jim Svoboda said. On the girl’s side Jessie Steele and Emily Akins.”

With their success at state, the Bearkats in the swim team continue to practice.

“How close they are as a team, and how much they support each other and want each other to succeed plays a huge part in our success,” Svoboda said.