Bearkadettes Hold Fundraisers


Kamryn See

Bearkadettes perform during halftime at a football game.


Throughout the year the Bearkadettes have held several fundraisers to ensure that they could afford all of the amenities that come with being a Bearkadette, like competition and half time shows at Klein games. They sold shirts and even hosted student nights at local hangout spots to encourage their classmates to show support.

“We sold shirts and sweatshirts at the beginning of the year,” sophomore Jillian Romero said. “We make money so that we can make sure that it’s never a problem. We definitely appreciate all the students that come out to show support for us.”

Many students came out to support the Bearkadettes from three to eight at Chill…, the milkshake bar, on Thursday September 27. They enjoy when the fundraisers are at fun spots with good food because it makes them even more excited to show support.

“I like when there are fundraisers at fun places that I want to go,” junior Shyla Rodriguez said. “I’m never against getting ice cream and if I can help out some of my classmates it’s an added bonus.”

Other athletes also loved the convenience of picking up a snack after practice to show support.

“I’m on the volleyball team but I’m always willing to help out other athletes,” freshman Addison Casey said. “And its not like you have to sit and stay. I just came to pick up a shake to take home.”

Students understood that the money is going towards a good cause. Some believe they work almost as hard as the football players because they put a lot of effort into making sure their routines are perfect.

“I see the Bearkadettes and what they do to prepare for football games,” sophomore Skyh Mosbey said. “They are very dedicated to making sure that everything is perfect. They work just as hard as the football players or the band.”