Students One More Step Closer To Space


At the beginning of the year, the school district announced the creation of a project named Klein in Space. This project gave students and teachers the opportunity to team up and compete among other teams in making something that can be launched into space by the international space system.

As the deadlines were met, the groups competing soon found out whether they had placed in the competition. Two teams were chosen as finalists at the school in the Klein in Space project. This is your lead..always lead with the most recent thing

“I was extremely proud. I wasn’t surprised because I knew that they had a good project,” sponsor Vicki Hermsdorf said. “They worked really hard and I could tell from the questions and the responses from the professors that they talked to that they had done a good job. I’m really excited for them.”

The students expressed how surprised they were when they found out that they were chosen as one of the finalists.

“We were in kind of a little bit of shock, it came as a surprise to us,” senior Max Hall-Brown said. “It was a good experience to have and it was fun.”

Some of the students expressed how impactful participating in a project like Klein in Space was for them.

“It was very impactful. This is one of my first research opportunities and to actually make it to the finals is really big and we worked on this for quite a while,” Guo said.

Participating in a project like this can be exciting and can bring a feeling like no other, especially after finding out you have made it as one of the finalists.

“It’s really fun, we get to bounce ideas off of each other, just that collaborative spirit is really great to introduce into our lives,” Hall-Brown said.  

After being a part of  a project like this, learning from it isn’t a surprise.  Though the finalists don’t know if their creation is the one being launched into space till December 14th, no matter what the outcome is the students are moving forward with more knowledge and more adventures to embark upon.

“I am very grateful for my team and the opportunity from the administration and everyone,” Guo said