Globetrotters Make Their Annual Appearance


On Saturday, March 23 the famous Harlem Globetrotters made their annual appearance. In their prime, they were known for performing basketball games with a humorous twist for entertainment. Now retired, the Globetrotters come to Klein to play against our faculty and staff.

“I love this high school man, my favorite part [is] definitely the fans,” Number 19 said.

As the event went on, jokes and funny stunts such as “the circle” became a stable throughout the game and had even our staff laughing on the court.

“Number 10 was always on me, I could almost never make a good shot because I was laughing at my teammates so much,” ROTC instructor Timothy Lambert said.

Even some fans were able to get in on the action. During breaks and halftime, the game wasn’t left silent for one second.

“The teachers are hilarious, always have a great time here and it’s a great opportunity to stretch my legs,” Number 10 said.