Klein ISD Names New Superintendent


Courtesy of Klein ISD

Dr. Jenny McGown gives acceptance speech after being awarded the position of lone of superintendent.


The start of 2019-2020 school year marks the beginning of a new era in Klein ISD, as new Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown takes the reins from her predecessor Dr. Bret Champion. The change marks a new beginning not only for the district, but for Dr. McGown as well.

“I am really challenging myself to have a beginner’s mind” McGown said. “When you’ve been in a place for a long time you can think that you know things. But by having a beginner’s mind you can see things fresh. So the challenge is to keep that beginner’s mind to make sure I’m not making any assumptions, especially in this initial year.”

Dr. McGown is no stranger to the district as she has served it for several years in several different positions. After beginning her journey as an educator teaching children in Uzbekistan she joined Klein ISD and became an English teacher at Klein Collins, where she was named teacher of the year. She quickly progressed to administrative positions, including assistant principal at Klein Collins, assistant principal at Benignus Elementary, and associate principal at Brill Elementary. In addition, she served as principal at Ehrhardt Elementary, as well as the founding principal of Zwink Elementary.

“I loved her, she had such a warmth to her and a smile on her face,” former Ehrhardt student Karen Heinz said. “I remember students and parents raving about how wonderful and kind she was to everyone.”

Her commitment to the students continued from Zwink to the district central office, where she served as Executive Director of Student Performance, Chief Learning Officer, and Deputy Superintendent. From teacher to superintendent Dr. McGown has made it clear that she is committed to Klein and its students.

“Having been a teacher and principal in the district, I am really excited to get to serve our students and our community,” McGown said. “I think it’s such a privilege to be a part of our school district. We are so fortunate and blessed to have outstanding students that come into our schools and make our community a great place, and change the world.”