Freshmen Attend Orientation


Augusto Moreno Morales

Standleaders welcome the new freshmen class of 2025 at orientation in August.


On Aug. 5, the Class of 2025 was given a warm Bearkat welcome as they entered their new school for the next four years.
Cheerleaders and Standleaders lined the path to the auditorium, all cheering as each freshman timidly passed. While in the auditorium, the incoming students were introduced to Principal Brandon Baker, administration, and student council. Upperclassmen and staff graciously offered their words of wisdom to anyone who asked, and after a hilarious skit performed by the Standleaders, the new students were finally released to meet their new home.
“Don’t let the size of the school and everything scare you,” freshman cheer coach Miranda Pereira said. “Reach out to your teachers, because they care, even when you don’t think they do.”
After their introduction to the Klein core values and other components that go into becoming a model student, the freshmen were then released into the most chaotic part of the school at any given time: the hallways.
“It’s been nice to look around a little bit and see places,” freshman Lucas Dore said. “It’s nice to see it’s not as big as it looks on the outside. It’s really organized here.”
All around the cafeteria, a variety of Bearkats showcased their favorite clubs, handing out candy, fliers, and t-shirts to incoming freshmen.
“It was really cool to see everyone come together for the pep rally and get introduced to the band,” freshman Joaquin Esquivel said. “I’m most excited for band or architecture because those classes seem like a lot of fun.”
Freshmen were taught an array of cheers by Standleaders and cheerleaders, then watched in awe as the freshman cheer team performed their routine. They were also regaled with performances by the Bearkadette officers and band. Afterward, the new students were treated to Cici’s pizza in the cafeteria.
“Stay positive, don’t be nervous, [and] if you see somebody and you need help, just reach out and ask,” varsity cheer coach Kiamesha White said. “Don’t be scared to ask for directions or what to do when something is going on. Just try to embrace everything and enjoy your first year of high school. High School is fun! And it is what you make it.”