Orchestra Hosts Annual “Taste of Klein”


Danielle Vela

Orchestra students leave passing students, parents, and faculty in awe as they play classical music to keep the Taste of Klein attendants entertained.


Forming a perimeter around the cafeteria Feb. 17, an array of caterers from all over the Klein area fed the avid supporters of Klein’s orchestra program. 

Attendees browsed art provided by various Klein students whilst being serenaded by orchestra students playing throughout the school. Students and community members alike came together to raise money to put toward the orchestra program. Taste of Klein has been the orchestra’s staple fundraiser for years. 

“It’s a really big community event,” junior Vishesh Konduru said. “All these local restaurants get to come show off, and at the same time, we get a chance to showcase what we’ve been working on as an orchestra.”

Performances were held in the cafeteria, main hallway, and the choir room, so attendees had many chances to listen to orchestra students. Those students prepared pieces months beforehand, spending time after school in the orchestra room with their ensembles. 

“Taste of Klein to me is about community and partnership,” Klein Orchestra Booster Club president La Shelle Vernon said. “Businesses support our students to help them be successful.” 

Local restaurants such as Moo House Cafe, Chick-fil-A and Salata provided a large selection of food. Students listened to the groups performing in the cafeteria while feasting on the food provided. When an attendee bought their entry, they received six tickets to spend at various booths, receiving a small taste of that restaurant. 

“We’ve had so many restaurants that have had to close, and that means that there are families that are impacted by that,” Vernon said. “So, if we can rally together as a community to stop that, I know as the orchestra board, we made some decisions with partners that have partnered with Taste of Klein before, and we kind of rallied around them and we were able to keep their businesses viable. That’s what this event does, and that’s the power of partnership and community.”