Teens investigate fake crime scene

Criminal Justice club prepares members for first Skills U.S.A contest this spring


At the scene of a murder, crime scene investigation teams carefully examine each detail with skilled eyes. Campus teens who want to gain these skills, can join the Criminal Justice club in room 819.

“This club prepares you for the Skills USA contest and also a career in multiple fields of criminology and forensics work,” said law enforcement teacher and club sponsor Randal Todd. “It’s a great opportunity for those interested in corrections or enforcement. People who have left this club have gone into countless law programs; some have even become attorneys. Even if you’re not interested in criminal justice, every person still deserves to know their rights for any situation that calls for it.”

Todd and club members are working toward Skills USA contest, where students from different schools and states compete to solve a staged murder using different types of criminology. However, Todd is unsure about what the future holds as this is the clubs first attempt at competing.

“We’re not going to the contest to win. We’re going to have fun and learn more about criminal justice,” Todd said.

But the club is not focused just on the Skills USA contest. It is also preparing members for other events during the year, such as an upcoming murder investigation as well as learning how to use (fake) guns.

“Criminal Justice club gives me something to work for, and it prepares me for a life of leadership,” said senior Jonathan Agosto. “We hope the Criminal Justice club can reach more students at Klein, and show other schools Klein is the best out of all,” said Todd.